“A game that has become passion and love for the ancient arts”

Today I made myself a gift and went to relax in Laura Modena’s “Amoa” center.

Laura has a sweet face, always smiling and a quiet attitude that immediately convey calm and relaxation to you. Under her expert hands you recharge, renew yourself and heal your soul. It is easy to understand why I want to tell her story. Her center is a place where the ancient arts of massages and manual treatments are practiced. Few machines and a lot of love are the key point for what Laura, Cristina and Giorgia carry out in this center.

“In fact, at first it was a game. There was the desire to open something different in Borgomanero. A small but beautiful place, decorated in a spectacular way where girls and boys could come to make lamps, manicured and a small aesthetic cabin. Then we had a lot of requests for the aesthetics part and so I started taking an avalanche of courses to improve and grow in this field. However, they were courses held by cosmetic companies and therefore made to sell machinery and their various equipment.

At the time I was very oriented towards the outside, the beautiful “outside” and so even the first location of my center was a small jewel, signed in all its furnishings. Mine has been a reverse path. I started getting advice from those who knew more than me. And every year it was a race for the “new cream” or the “new machine”. But, you know, life makes you understand things in its own way. I get pregnant and I remain stationary for a whole year. With my son Giacomo. In that year, everything remained in other hands and things fell apart.

It was only thanks to the jolts and thrusts of my parents that I had the strength to pick up everything and change my path. Looking inside and no longer outside. At this point I was alone in a 150sqm shop with the luck of a good customer portfolio. I wondered what I knew and could do alone and I threw myself. In those 4 months alone I discovered that I liked massaging people very much and, to my surprise, my clients loved it too. And so I went back to basics.

I understood that people need to “feel good”, to feel that someone is there for them, to make them feel good, to make them feel loved.

My research started from there.

 I began to evaluate everything that perhaps came from ancient times, but that had always worked: Japanese massage, Kobido, brushing, cupping. This is the way, I’m sure .  Now by my side I have fantastic people like Cristina and Giorgia. I divided the space I had, which for me was too much, working without the use of useless machinery. Now beside to my center, my brother Fabio has opened a Tatoo’s studio.

It is really true that everything comes from within! ”

Laura is right, it is no longer time to look outside for what we should cultivate within ourselves. This hour spent with her has regenerated my body and spirit. Listen to me, make an appointment as soon as you can!



Institute specialized in millenary treatments for physical and mental well-being to discover the best version of you

Two “tastings” to better understand what you will find in the center:



Many years ago the famous abbot Kneipp managed to heal from his illness by “brushing himself” in the midst of brambles and hot and cold baths, he studied this process using a natural fiber brush, he understood its power and began to disclose it till the present day . It is no coincidence that Greeks, Romans and even Cleopatra loved to brush themselves to revitalize the skin. Scientific studies show the effectiveness of this Ancient practice that can give us an extraordinary benefit. Brushing is able to reactivate all NEUROSENSORY processes. Through a sequence and a precise method of ‘brushing’ on the body, to be done in the institute and at home, we go to revitalize, tone, oxygenate the skin and open its channels, precisely for the fact of recalling oxygen and blood to the surface and make the cells work properly.


Not satisfied with the usual facial treatments and the experience I had in the beautician’s classroom, I went deeper to understand which treatment was more effective for plumping the tissues in a concrete way and at the same time giving immediate regeneration to the whole body. Massage is known to be the oldest form of treatment respecting the human body, massage revitalizes the whole body, stimulates endorphins, oxytocins, etc. Years ago I met Daniela Pandolfi and her Kobido Academy in Rome, it was the answer to what I was looking for and our path lasted 6 months.

The art of touch, the treatment of eternal youth that dates back to the ancient Samurai, a practice handed down from generation to generation and which has aroused the greatest interest of the Japanese empresses for its incredibly lifting and regenerating benefit. Used in antiquity before and after samurai fights not only for relaxation and preparation for the ‘here and now’ but precisely because by treating the face you touch precise points called ‘extraordinary points’ according to oriental medicine, connected to the meridians of the body. Therefore, here is a benefit that envelops the whole person and creates a profound sense of well-being.

A real wellness therapy carried out with precise techniques of touching, percussion and kneading of the connective and muscular tissue in a delicate but significant way, acupressure techniques of the Extraordinary Points on the face and on the skull for a unique sensory experience. To concretely stimulate collagen , eliminate toxins, relax the nervous system and have a porcelain effect, practically a real gym for skin with a delicate touch.